A permanent stock of materials,
15 colours in rolls and sheets

2 digital machines to meet with
the variable data printing requirements

Flexography, continuous printing and
printing and cutting

Automatic cylinder screen printing

Laser cutting and printing

Conventional cutting of
labels and advertising matter

High performance tools to
manage the shipment

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Erem étiquette: cutting and printing of industrial labels in standard or custom sizes, based in the Rhône-Alpes region of France

Production capacity
Standard or custom label
Options: optimise the functions
Erem étiquette you offers an all-round
service from the pre-press stage to the
delivery, guaranteeing you production
quality and quick turnaround.

Digital, offset, screen, flexo printing, foil
stamping, laser cutting, etc.
Our in-house control of the different
types of printing and productions means
we can offer you an extensive range of
standard or custom labels.

We can even manage options such as:
embossing, doming, overlay, etc
or printing of variable data:
chronological numbering,
barcode, address, etc.
Marking tape, signs, small posters, etc.

Invoices, headed paper, envelopes,
loyalty cards, integrated cards, tickets,
bottle neck labels, personalised gift
boxes, etc.
A choice of varied options to optimise
the functions, quality and life time
of your labels.
Other options are designed for securing
them with needle perforation, protecting
the contents with the overlay system
and management of the printing of variable data.

- Ø 5 mm round holes
- Ø 5 mm horse shoe holes
- Oblong holes

Self-detaching system
Alter and tamper-proof needle
Fitting of metal eyelets
Fitting of American eyelets

Fitting of ties:
Polytwist, metal, label fastener,
string fitting or shuttle thread.

Overlay: transparent adhesive film
laid on a label or in roll form.

Chronological numbering
Embossed numbering

Printing of variable data:
barcode, address, etc.
chronological numbering

Continuous form.
A4 sheets.

Doming on any substrate
Contact us : info@eremetiquette.com or phone : +33 4 77 73 75 15
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